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Rocket Coin - Fidget Toy

Rocket Coin - Fidget Toy

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Created using the latest 3D printing technologies, Rocket Coins are the next generation of fidget toys. Their unique internal hinge system provides a smooth rocking & rolling motion that's perfect for occupying idle hands and soothing worries. Rock it between your fingers, swivel it in your hand, roll it along a desk -- there's no wrong way to use your Rocket Coin. It can be loud and clicky, or silent and discrete. The organic, textured surfaces offer a tactile, grippy surface as well as a sophisticated look. And with its pocket-able size, you can take your Rocker Coin with you wherever you go.

The Rocket Coin features a robust steel-and-brass construction that provides a satisfying weight in-hand and exceptional durability. This item was built to last.
There are seven available finishes:

▸ Basic Stainless is the raw polished steel, which has a slightly orange-brown tint as a result of infused bronze material.

▸ Bronze has a dark, antiqued look.

▸ Gold is bright and shiny and, well, gold. This finish may wear with use, revealing the bare metal underneath.

▸ Gray is dark, but not as dark as the Black finish and has a smoother, more polished surface like the others.

▸ Matte Black is a dark finish that has a rougher texture than the others.

▸ Matte Stainless is the raw printed steel, which has a slightly orange-brown tint and a rougher texture than the others.

▸ Nickel is a mostly color-less finish, with a more classic steel look. This finish may wear with use, revealing the bare metal underneath.

For Basic Stainless, Gold, and Nickel finishes I apply a black pigment to the recessed surfaces in order to make the pattern stand out more. If you'd prefer I skip this step when processing your Rocket Coin, simply include a note with your order.
Each Rocket Coin is 35mm (1.4in) in diameter and 10mm (0.4in) thick.

Please note: Due to the 3D printing process, the appearance and position of subtle layer lines may vary between items. These lines are cosmetic and will not affect the performance of your Rocket Coin.

As each Rocket Coin is manufactured to-order, lead time is approximately 4-5 weeks. They're worth the wait!

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