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Swiss Army Knife Scales w/ Clip - 84mm/3.3in - ORGANIC pattern

Swiss Army Knife Scales w/ Clip - 84mm/3.3in - ORGANIC pattern

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Include corkscrew/Phillips screwdriver notch?

Custom replacement scales for 84mm/3.3in Victorinox swiss army knives with an ORGANIC pattern. Features a removable deep-carry clip to keep your knife extra secure in your pocket. Scales are made of tough laser-sintered nylon that feels great to hold and provides excellent grip.

Available with or without the corkscrew/phillips screwdriver notch. Both options include the removable pocket clip. ALL OPTIONS INCLUDE THE TOOTHPICK & TWEEZER SLOTS.

Scales snap into place with firm pressure, just like the originals -- no glue required.

NOTE: Included clips are chrome, not black (and match the chrome hardware on a Swiss Army Knife).
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BE AWARE: These scales are designed to fit a 84mm/3.3in swiss army knife. This is the more compact size available, but not the most common. If you're unsure of which size you need, it's probably the 91mm/3.6in version, not this one.

As each set of scales is manufactured to-order, lead time is approximately 2-3 weeks. They're worth the wait!

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