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Comet Cutter - Brass

Comet Cutter - Brass

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Comet Cutter is the ultimate EDC utility knife. Small enough to carry anywhere and reliable enough to use any time, this little knife will instantly become your daily sidekick. The Comet Cutter is designed to accept readily-available utility blades, so you can cut replace the blade any time for a fresh edge. Go ahead and cut cardboard, sandpaper, or any other material without worry! And unlike many other EDC utility knives out there, this one can accept blades from any brand, including specialty blades.

Using a Comet Cutter couldn't be simpler. To extend the blade, simply press inwards and slide forward. The blade locks open and closed with a stainless steel pin for worry-free operation. And you'll never find a utility knife with an easier blade replacement--simply extend the blade a little more, pull it out, and stick a new one in. Plus, with no bearings, pivots, or sliders to worry about this knife is practically maintenance-free!

Comet Cutter is just 70mm (2.76") wide and 6mm (0.23") thick, small enough to easily fit into any pocket. And with its integrated lanyard loop and removable pocket clip, it can adapt to any carry style.

Each piece is individually machined out of solid brass and hand-finished. Inside, the stainless steel stop pin and custom-made spring are designed to maximize durability. The entire knife comes apart easily with a standard T4 screwdriver, allowing for easy removal of the pocket clip and maintenance. And all of the screws are the same size, so you never have to worry about using the wrong one in the wrong place. A standard utility blade is included.

Every Comet Cutter is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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